ND Football Week 3: Focus And Discipline Versus Vandy

Week 3

From our pre-season prognostication picks article before the season started. Some things are clear and there are some things that are not. ND Football needs to go back to the faceless opponent approach and need to place an extra focus and discipline on offense.

#GoIrish #BeatVandy 🍀🏈⚡

Vanderbilt at ND 9/15/18

Jimmy-“Vandy is coming off a 5-7 season. Vandy may come into Notre Dame with 2-0 record. If that is true, then over confidence could be a factor. Confidence is good, but over confidence can beat you.” ND wins 35-17.

George-“A few weeks back Derek Mason, Head Coach of Vandy was asked a question by ASAP Sports ” You’re going to have a pretty early tough test early on with the trip to South Bend. How are you preparing your players for a trip to a location like that against a likely top-15 team?” Derek Mason: yeah we play in the SEC. I don’t worry about going to South Bend. Right now, I am worried about MTSU. I looked at how we started last year, and the blueprint is there. If you want to be successful, stay in the moment. That’s exactly what we are doing.” ND fans saw this as locker room fodder. And social media went crazy. Vandy will have their work cut out for them the week before this game.” ND wins 28-21.

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