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As everyone knows, that “Shake Down The Thunder Sports” always look at sports differently. There is the escape that sports brings and then there is the #BeyondPlayingSports view. After the Cotton Bowl, we contacted the Weish4Ever foundation and we expressed our interest in supporting their organization. We are very excited to formally announce that Shake Down The Thunder Sports is teaming up with the Andrew Weishar (pronounced Wisher) Foundation. We will help to raise money for the organization through various forms of projects. Our editor is going to be a volunteer liaison with the organization.

About The Andrew Weishar Foundation

Andrew and Charlie
“I am not done fighting.” – Andrew Weishar

Shake Down The Thunder Sports had an opportunity to sit down with Nic Weishar. We sat down before his NFL Pro-Day at Notre Dame and talked about the Andrew Weishar Foundation. Nic also brought Alex Bars along as well for the interview. Nic discussed how the organization came about, how many recipients there have been, how much has been raised and about the inner workings of the group.


Shake Down The Thunder Sports asked Nic “Explain to me the history of the Andrew Weishar Foundation, Weish4Ever.”

Nic, “The history of the Weish4Ever organization came after my brother passed away in 2012. Before he passed, he brought the family together and he basically asked us to pay it forward with the kindness and generosity he was shown during his battle. We literally had hundreds of people come to our doorstep and offer us their support, love and prayers.” He wanted families in a similar situation to feel the love and support he did. With that the Andrew Weishar Foundation started in 2013.”

How The Organization Works

“The money raised, goes directly to the families, adolescents and young adults with cancer and we have them do as they please with the money. We have welcomed over 200 families to the Weish4Ever family and granted out, along with over $1,000,000 in just six short years. It’s been a really cool situation to be part of and just being able to carry on Andrew’s legacy as well as carry on the pay it forward tradition.”

Shake Down The Thunder Sports asked Nic “You mentioned that you have helped out over 200 families. What areas are they from?”

Nic, ” A majority of them are from the Chicago area. We have helped 8-10 families in the South Bend area and also throughout the country. Through word of mouth, we have been to Kansas City, Houston, and we are working on Cincinnati and different areas. We are growing the Andrew Weishar brand and it’s cool that people are learning about how we can help.”

Shake Down The Thunder Sports asked Nic “What is the age range of those that benefit from the organization?”

Nic, “It’s called AYA, Adolescents and Young Adults ages 15-39. We have helped families in that spectrum, and we chose that niche because Andrew was a young adult when he was diagnosed with cancer. I have gotten to know some of them at the high school level and college level as well. It’s hard going to see them as I think of Andrew. When I see the smile on their faces after they receive their gift, there is no better feeling in the world and it’s very rewarding.”

Shake Down The Thunder Sports asked Nic “How does someone apply for the grant?”

Nic, “Social workers at the hospital give us different stories on patients. We read them, you want to help everyone that’s the hard part. You’re getting so many families that need help. That’s why we try and raise as much money as we can. Word of mouth is how people are learning about us. We do not accept grant proposals from individuals, rather via our medical partners.”

Fundraising For The Organization

Shake Down The Thunder Sports asked Nic “In order to help families financially, you need to do some serious fundraising. Can you talk about some of the events that the organization holds to raise money?”

Nic, WeishFest which is our largest fundraising event, started in a minor league baseball park and has grown to a larger venue. WeishFest started at Standard Bank Stadium in Crestwood, IL. The event was moved indoors to 115 Bourbon St. Every year it gets bigger. Bands like O.A.R., Third Eye Blind, Rodney Atkins, Eddie Money, Warrant, and Easton Corbin have performed. Dan is the spear head of this, and he is getting really good at it.”

“There are also smaller events where a bar will sell wristbands and proceeds will go to the organization as well. There are also the personal donations that come in as well. Later in the article, we will let you know how you can help out the organization.”

Alex Bars On The Organization

We brought Alex in to the conversation and discussed his and the team’s involvement with the Weish4Ever organization.

Alex Bars, “We all try and support Nic as much as possible. We always get a big group of guys and go to WeishFest, we also visit the hospitals when the organization is in town for one of the beneficiary visits.”

Shake Down The Thunder Sports asked Alex, “What impact has it had on you working with Nic?”

Alex, “It’s awesome, unbelievable to help Nic obviously. I don’t think anyone can comprehend losing a brother. I know I can’t. For us to support him in as many ways as possible is important to us.”

How You Can Help

There are many different ways that you can help the Andrew Weishar Foundation.

You can go to the organization’s website by clicking here. Any amount you can give would be great. This article is the first step in the journey of Shake Down The Thunder Sports to help raise money for the Andrew Weishar Foundation. I know that the Irish nation has it in them to help out this amazing family and organization.

You can also help the organization by shopping on Amazon. The Amazon Smile program located at will ask you to choose the charitable organization of choice. Simply select Andrew Weishar Foundation and a portion of every purchase will go to the organization. Remember nickels and dimes equal dollars over time. The important thing to remember is every time you order on Amazon, you must go through the Amazon Smiles page. From there it’s no different from doing your normal ordering through them.

How You Can Follow

You can follow the Weish4Ever organization on Instagram @Weish4Ever, Twitter @Weish4Ever and @WeishFest , and on Facebook @Weish4Ever and @WeishFest

The Wrap Up

Shake Down The Thunder Sports would like to thank Nic Weishar and Alex Bars for their time prior to their NFL Pro Day. We would also like to thank Dan Weishar, Nic Weishar and Angela Mehalek for their patience for the time it took for us to complete this article.

Any further questions you may contact myself at or Angela, We look forward to this future endeavor with such a great organization and helping out in any way that we can.

Go Irish! ☘⚡

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