Enjoy the Moment….Okay?

USC Game’s Of The Past

I’m recalling some ugly USC moments 13-44, 14-45, 10-41, “Bush Push”, 24-44, 0-38, 3-38, 27-34 aka basically the entire Pete Carroll era at the USC resulted in USC not only beating the Irish but simply pummeling them. You remember those games where you were just hoping the Irish were not completely humiliated.

Saturday night twitter was a glow with the Notre Dame crazies.  “Our Offense is horrible”, “Chip Long should be fired”, “Ian Book is terrible”.  I mean I was marginally pulled into it when I questioned from my couch I might add, a 52-yard field goal attempt, that Jonathan Doerer proceeded to absolutely drill. I mean really, I’ve been to exactly two Notre Dame practices in my life the last being when Charlie Weis was on the sideline. I’m absolutely clueless as to what Doerer’s range is? Yet I questioned it. Note to self – “Jimmy leave kicking concerns to Coach Kelly and his staff.” Likely the only concern I should be worried about from my couch is if I remembered to take my prilosec before I eat my wings on game day.

Notre Dame’s offense Saturday night rushed for over 300 yards and turned the ball over 0 times. In addition, when they absolutely had to have it they produced a 14-play 75-yard drive that culminated in Ian Book’s 8-yard touchdown run while eating almost 7 minutes of clock time. The drive essentially ended any realistic chance of a USC victory at a time when USC seemed to have all of the momentum. It was a drive that is indicative of a good team.

Onto The Future

The Irish head into the bye week at 5-1 with their toughest remaining game likely at Michigan.  Are they a perfect team, of course not.  However, this is a program that is 27-5 in the last three seasons which translates to an .843 winning percentage. I excitedly anticipate Notre Dame football all year, for something that lasts a very short window of time. I don’t care about the playoffs, bowl prospects or anything else. Coaches often tell players, to focus on one game at a time. As fans, we could probably stand to do the same thing. Right now I’m going to enjoy 30-27, because no matter how anyone else wants to measure it, from my couch it sure beats the days of getting curb stomped by USC every year.

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