A time of Thanksgiving….

Sunday morning as I merged the Rav-4 onto I-80 heading east, I was left with plenty of time to think and reflect. A colleague mentioned it in a previous article…Where did the season go? Long rides leave you time comprehend numbers and thoughts.  501 total yards, 40-7, 7 catches 71 yards and a touchdown, 30 seniors, 9-2, etc.  Some people will choose to focus on a missed opportunity at Georgia or a crushing loss at Michigan when they think of 2019, I’m going to focus on a pretty good edition of Notre Dame football.

If the Irish can win at Stanford next week, they will finish 10-2 and have a very winnable bowl game awaiting them.  The shot of being 11-2 is very realistic.  By any standard that is a fantastic season particularly after finishing 12-1 last season.  That left me feeling thankful as I pushed further east.

I’m thankful that I got to watch players like Ian Book and Chris Finke guys who I believe maximized their time at Notre Dame.  Finke in particular is a player that I will always remember.  The “Slippery Fox” provided arguably the most exciting play I ever saw at a Notre Dame football game when he snared Brandon Wimbush’s pass last season for a touchdown to help take down Michigan.  These are just a few of the players I will truly miss watching play next season.

I’m thankful that I’m fortunate enough to make the trip to Notre Dame.  There are legions of Notre Dame fans who have never had the chance to do that. That thought is never lost on me, when I attend a football weekend at Notre Dame. Every time I go, I truly feel lucky regardless of the outcome. This past weekend I traveled with two friends one of which was a letter winner from another major university. At one point this weekend he remarked, “Man, this place is special.”

It never ceases to amaze me how nice the students and staff are that I encounter during my visits. Following, the game I had the opportunity at attend mass at the Basilica.  I had been there before, but never for mass. It is even more beautiful when mass is in session.  I’m thankful I got to witness that on Saturday. It may have been the high point of Boston College weekend.

Finally, I’m thankful to George Bashura and Shake Down the Thunder Sports.  His coverage of all sports Notre Dame is something I truly look forward to.  One of these weekends we will hopefully be able to coordinate our schedules when I’m in town!

600+ miles later I’m home with family.  Thanksgiving is on the horizon and there is just one game left in a regular season that went by too quickly.  At this point committees and voters can argue about where Notre Dame is headed following the Stanford game. I’m more than thankful just to see more of this football team before the curtain comes down on the 2019 season.


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