Beyond Playing Sports: One On One With “Augie”

“Augie’s Locker Room”, the one thing that comes up in a conversation when planning a trip to see the Fightin’ Irish. The man behind it all is Jim “Augie” Augustine. Augie’s Locker Room is a treasure trove of Notre Dame memorabilia. Located at 1811 South Bend Ave, South Bend, Augie’s is not just a storefront. Augie’s is a gathering place for Irish fans to come and talk about Notre Dame and to hear stories of the old days. It’s also a place where today’s players go to learn about Knute Rockne. Augie’s is more than happy to sit down with them and discuss Knute. This article fits right into the slogan we use on occasions where life and sports intersect. This interview fits in perfectly with our core values.

Shelter In Place

Since March, Augie’s Locker Room business has slowed as the COVID 19 restrictions have not allowed him to open because of restrictions of the shelter in place. With the easing of restrictions, Augie would love to re-open the store in the near future, but with foot traffic not existent, the store is struggling like all other small businesses.

With the cancellation of summer camps, reunions, and all other on campus activities, Augie’s sales have slowed tremendously. When a friend calls and asks for help, you answer the call. Augie also misses the social portion of his business. The current restrictions in place in St. Joseph’s County require masks to be worn when entering the establishment. This doesn’t help in the social interaction nor the possibility of getting folks into the store.

The Interview

For the first time, Shake Down The Thunder Sports did a Zoom call with a guest. I am glad that Augie was the first interview to go through the process. The interview covers a broad range of topics. The Interview starts off with a brief history of Augie’s Locker Room to the challenges with the store in the current soft opening process. We also talk about ways for people to make remote purchases until the store can fully open.


My favorite part of the interview was the surprise of testimonials of some friends who love Augie and Augie’s Locker Room.

I would highly recommend stopping by Augie’s Locker Room to see all he has in store. From old to new, there is so much to look at and purchase. Whether you plan to buy or just walk around, you will be so amazed by the variety of items he has on display. It’s always a great time to come in and talk to Augie about all things Notre Dame! ~Allison Cruse

If you’re looking for Notre Dame memorabilia (collectible items, apparel, books, anything!) … the best place to go in South Bend is Augie’s Locker Room. He has hard-to-find and one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Augie is such a wonderful person. Stop by his shop to find a gift for yourself or the Notre Dame fan in your life, and stay a while for the great stories and conversations. Don’t miss Augie’s Locker Room on your next trip to South Bend. I know I never do! ~Lisa Kelly Author ’93

Augie’s continues to impress. His friendliness and willingness to help is unmatched. If you love Notre Dame and want to collect any memorabilia, PLEASE give Augie’s some consideration.~Garry Canaday

Jim Augustine… always a smile and a kind word. A true loyal son! Although his generous personality is only one of the reasons he’s success. To deal in memorabilia successfully, like Jim does at Augie’s Locker room, you have to have three traits: phenomenal background knowledge, love of Notre Dame, and laser attention to detail.

Here is an excellent example: Jim was re-watching the ’89 Fiesta Bowl over the weekend, and he thought he spotted me in the crowd. He was able to send me a screenshot and I confirmed that it was me! Over 30 years ago, just after I graduated. Jim has only known me in my 50’s, not my 20’s, so it’s a pretty remarkable identification. And if you think about it, identifying objects and the history of them is exactly what Jim does professionally. ~Kathleen keifer Artist ’85 

The Wrap Up

To put a bow on this, I am truly blessed to Augie my friend. Augie is the spirit this whole world needs. He may not be tall, but he is a gentle giant. Bringing his love of Notre Dame into the store is like being on campus when you are actually about a mile away. Please visit Augies Locker Room on-line by clicking here, also check them out on Ebay and on Facebook.

Cheer and Go Irish! 🍀🌩

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