ND Football: The News Wire Is Burning

It’s September 1 and the mindset automatically turns to football. Two years ago, I was entering the ND press box for the first time. That night Michigan was on the docket and the stadium was rocking. College Game Day had been on campus and the echoes were awoken. Fast forward two years, and the echoes will be there, but with only students, faculty and the band. September 1 was a busy media day, and the buzz of a new season beckons.

Schedule Times Released

Five of the six home games time were released by the ACC, no road game times have been set as of 9/1/20. The only home game time not released is the Senior Night game against Syracuse. For the full schedule click here.

  • 9/12/20 Duke vs ND will be at 2:30 PM EST on NBC
  • 9/19/20 USF vs ND will be at 2:30 PM EST on USA Network
  • 9/26/20 ND vs WF (TBD Time)
  • 10/10/20 FSU vs ND will be at 7:30 PM EST on NBC
  • 10/17/20 Louisvile vs ND will be at 2:30 PM EST on NBC
  • 10/24/20 ND vs Pitt (TBD Time)
  • 10/31/20 ND vs GT (TBD Time)
  • 11/7/20 Clemson vs ND will be at 7:30 PM EST on NBC
  • 11/14/20 ND vs BC (TBD Time)
  • 11/27/20 ND vs UNC (TBD Time)
  • 12/5/20 Syracuse vs ND (TBD Time)

The USA Network is a bit of a surprise as it’s a home game for ND. Since NBC owns USA Network, Mike Tirico and Tony Dungy will still cover the game. I am sure there are fans right now making sure they have the USA Network as part of their viewing subscriptions.

As far as ACC Network goes, obviously they are looking to put ND in the best possible slot as a portion of subscribers cannot get the ACC Network, for example Xfinity subscribers. They are hoping ESPN uses it’s multiple platforms to make sure ND is seen country wide uninhibited.

NBC Coverage Team

Speaking of NBC Sports, that is the second part of the busy news wire. Doug Flutie will not be next to Mike Tirico in the press box. Mike will be joined by Tony Dungy as color commentary for the upcoming season. ND Alum Jac Collinsworth will host the pre-game, halftime and post game coverage and will be joined by Doug Flutie on select weeks.


For a longtime fans have asked for Flutie to removed as color commentary from the NBC broadcast of Notre Dame games. Fans were calling it Christmas when they heard the news. Tony Dungy brings with him a fresh breath of air to the masses watching on their TV’s.

The Wrap Up

The new football season is just eleven days away. With all the changes going on in the landscape of college sports, the University of Notre Dame football team has a stage set, all they need to come out and do is perform.

Cheers and Go Irish!☘🏈🌩

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