ND Football: Trevor Lawrence Tests Positive For COVID-19

The news has broken that Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence tested positive for COVID-19. According to Dabo Sweeney, “He is doing well with mild symptoms but will not be available this weeks game against Boston College.”

ACC Guidelines

According to the Report of the Atlantic Coast Conference COVID-19 Medical Advisory Group:

“Pursuant to CDC guidance, a student-athlete who tests positive for COVID-19 shall be isolated for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms/positive test and at least 1 day (i.e., 24 hours) has passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement of respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath). A student-athlete’s medical treatment will be determined by institutional medical staff, and be considered unavailable for training, team/group activities or game play until the student-athlete has both completed necessary isolation and had a medical clearance by team physicians.”

“Based on the MAG’s consultation with multiple cardiologists, at a minimum, every student-athlete, symptomatic or otherwise, who tested positive shall undergo a cardiac evaluation that includes an electrocardiogram (ECG), a troponin test, and an echocardiogram after isolation and before a phased return to exercise and re-acclimatization. If abnormalities are found during this battery of tests, the student-athlete will not be permitted to participate unless and until the abnormalities have cleared after additional screening and the student-athlete has received medical clearance from team physicians. Consistent with NCAA Constitution, the institution’s medical staff must have unchallengeable autonomous authority to determine medical management and return-to-play decisions related to student-athletes.”

This rule of ten days of isolation can put him right into his second non-start against ND.

We pray for his safe recovery!

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