Beyond Playing Sports: The Fight

The Fight: What Does It Mean

As a credentialed media member of the University of Notre Dame, this is my opportunity to reach out and spread the message for helping out in “The Fight”. There is no such thing as a free ride, someone pays for it. You learn that in your economics class. The scholarships student-athletes receive is actually paid through the scholarships or donations made by the at large public or alumni. The Fight, is just another one of those “Beyond Playing Sports” moments for us here at Shake Down The Thunder Sports. We are trying to help the University of Notre Dame spread the the word of this event and keeping the tradition of Fighting Irish Athletics going. They have given us opportunities, now it’s our turn to use our platform and spread the message for them. Put a reminder on your calendar of the live event, or use the link in the Rockne Athletics Fund section below to donate today.

What Is It?

The program will share stories of student-athletes, coaches and Monogram winners while
celebrating the triumphs of the Fighting Irish this year on the field, in the classroom and in
the community. The goal of the broadcast is to raise funds for the Rockne Athletics Fund
and to ensure the experience of over 700 Notre Dame student-athletes remains the most
distinct in the country.

About Rockne Athletics Fund

It takes a unique individual willing to accept the expectations and demands that come with
being a Notre Dame student-athlete. Every day, Notre Dame student-athletes have the
opportunity to experience the most distinctive student-athlete experience in the country,
because of Rockne Athletic Fund members. In the 2018-2019 academic year, Rockne
members provided $6.1 million in student-athlete financial aid, and over $500,000 in
student-athlete summer abroad educational travel. In total, the Rockne Athletics Fund
raised $10.1 million for Notre Dame student-athletes. Rockne Athletics Fund members
help build champions on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

Learn more about the Rockne Athletics Fund by clicking here.


Notre Dame Athletics has announced a live broadcast event – The Fight for the Notre
Dame Student-Athlete – on December 15, 2020 from 6:42 p.m. (18:42) ET through midnight ET.

Keep the tradition alive and help out if you can.

Cheers and Go Irish!☘🌩

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