Beyond Playing Sports: BOLD Drive 2021

Everyone knows that there is more to life than playing sports. Once again, we (Shake Down The Thunder Sports) are happy to be working with the ND Club of Staten Island in raising awareness and support of their annual food drive. Actually, this goes beyond the Staten Island club, all the ND clubs get involved with this event nationwide.

This year, like last year there is no active massive food collection. Learning from last year, the BOLD drive is a virtual event once again. This makes it easy and safe to help your neighbors. In speaking with Joe Delaney about the virtual event, “the team had to call an audible last year, and collect food virtually. Not only were we able to do a virtual drive last year, we “Holtz’s Heroes” were able to help families when the pandemic hit, help families effected by the wild fires in California, families effected by hurricanes in the Southwest, and when the big freeze hit Texas. The organization was able to help families dealing with food insecurities.”

Holtz’s Heroes also assisted in the “Meals With Muffet” food drive that collected 150,000 pieces of food for local food banks in the South Bend area. Of those 150.000 pieces collected, half of that came from Holtz’s Heroes BOLD being food and funds. In 2020, Holtz’s Heroes BOLD was on 32 states, 306 cities, 7 countries and has collected 2.8 million pieces of food. This year they are looking to surpass the 3 million pieces of food mark.

Image Courtesy of ND Club of Staten Island

How You Can Help

 To donate directly to the ND Club of Staten Island use this link 2021 Bread Of Life Food Drive. To make a donation to a local food bank please use this link to connect with the organization, Feeding America. Once you click the link, type in a State or zip code. Next, enter your information for the donation. Next, click on the give locally link under the selected food bank. Click donate, fill in your information and then in the comments field type “donating through Holtz’s Heroes Bread of Life Drive” to mark the donation.

Now, more than ever folks with food insecurities need your help. Food banks continue to need support in helping those who have lost their jobs and need to put food on their tables. Growing up, I never needed to go to a food pantry for food. Though my mother was collecting a welfare payment from the State of Connecticut, my brothers and I never went without a meal. To this day, I am truly blessed to have been helped by the welfare system and I have personally given back in different ways to the community. The ND Club of Staten Island BOLD/Holtz’s Heroes, calls on me to help someone else in need out. Actually, our Lady Notre Dame calls all of us to help someone in need. That someone in need, may just be your neighbor. Thank you for your support and Go Irish!

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