Spring Ball is in the Rearview Mirror…Now What.

As I’ve said before, I don’t follow recruiting. A two-star, three or four is irrelevant until you can prove it between those little white lines. Too often, we’ve seen the can’t miss, miss. So without the benefit of seeing spring practice, I harken back to concerns I had about the 2019 team as the 2018 season came to a close. Thus, these are my biggest questions heading into the summer. Let’s hope these next few months are relatively quiet.

5 ND Questions that may define Notre Dame’s Season

5. How good can the Offensive Line Be?

The Irish return 4 of 5 starters along the offensive line. Notre Dame was 7th in the nation in rushing offense in 2017. They fell to 51st last year. However, they did allow fewer sacks last year as opposed to 2017. Are these statistics a product of the change in quarterback last season or are we starting to see the effects of Harry Hiestand’s departure. Only time will tell.

4. Schedule

The schedule again is tough. Though it always is. The obvious huge test being the trip to Georgia. Virginia is a sleeper that has me concerned already. USC coming off a bye could be tough, but the Irish come off a bye prior to playing Michigan.

3. Running on Empty?

I loved the home run threat that was Dexter Williams. Can Jafar Armstrong and Tony Jones, Jr. or the emergence of another back make up for the loss of Williams?

2. The True Book

Ian Book was fantastic last season. What is the encore? Has he hit the ceiling? Will the glare of being “the guy” and the expectations that come with it effect his play?

1. CHEM 2019

What do the 2019 Irish look like? They lost a ton of grit and a ton of glue. Does Brian Kelly have the formula and more importantly true leaders on board to have 2019 look similar to 2018? If you think Chemistry is overrated I suggest a review of the 2016 season.

Less than five months until the answers to these questions and others begin to clarify, it will seem like an eternity.

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