Chris Finke Joins the Kansas City Chiefs

As the NFL offseason rolls on teams prepare for the next step in the season which is Camp. For the reigning AFC Champions the Chiefs continue to make moves as they look to continue their dominance. The Chiefs grabbed Chris Finke who comes over from the San Francisco 49ers.

Chances for Finke:

Chris Finke joins the extremely dangerous Chiefs offense who can score at will on any defense. The Chiefs just recently let Sammy Watkins go who dealt with numerous injuries in his time with the Chiefs. Finke will be with Super Stars Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman and of course Patrick Mahomes. Finke doesn’t have the speed of Hill or even Watkins who departed for the Baltimore Ravens but he has the hands of an all pro. Now the Chiefs have 14 receivers on their current 90 player roster but Finke is in a great position to make some noise with the NFL’s best offense. Finke will make the 53 man roster and I do believe he will start in week 1 for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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