ND Football: The Freeman Era Officially Begins

Head Coach Marcus Freeman officially opened up the 2022 Notre Dame Football season. I can sit here and go through the entire press conference and tell you everything Coach Freeman said, or I can tell you in to sound bites where Coach Freeman’s head is. Yes, injuries are crucial to a team preparing to start a new season. It is just as important to paint a picture of what Coach Freeman thinks about team preparedness. There are Two things I learned today from Coach Freeman’s press conference. The first thing is Coach Freeman does things with a purpose and makes sure that they are executing to the plan. The second is, there will be no slow start for this team. As Coach Freeman said, “we need to be ready to play.

I will mention that as of right now, three players will not be available for Ohio State, Joe Wilkens, Mitch Evans, and JD Price. Joey Tanona has medically retired after an off-season car accident but will stay and complete his degree.

Tough From Day One

For those that hear the story of Coach Lou Holtz, you hear one thing from all his players. the game is easier than the practice. I know, it’s only day one, but it is not going to be slow start for this team. One of the first questions Coach Freeman answers a question about setting the tone for fall camp.

Coach responds: “I don’t think this going to be longer than any other practice. “He goes onto say “I have been around different places where you start slow. Then you build up and the second and third week is the hardest, longest practices. The thing about it is we are starting outta ground zero long practices tough hard practices we have to develop fast and be ready to roll.”

Coach Freeman video here

This is where Coach Freeman is at. It’s not going to be easy, and it shouldn’t be. This is what ND Football fans should want to hear.

Photo Courtesy of Tim Klopfenstein

This Team Needs To Be Ready

If the game of football was easy, everyone would do it. Coach Freeman definitely understands that ideology. The seriousness coming from Coach Freeman sets the stage for everyone to follow. For example, pumped in noise on day one. Coach wanting players and coaches simulating game time experience. There is no better way to do than with exposure to game conditions.

Coach is asked about the point he was making on day one and not an ease into training. This will be the best fifty-six seconds you will hear anywhere. To paraphrase Coach’s response “It’s gotta be hard, we are not changing. We had a couple of guys who couldn’t finish practice today. It’s their job to make sure to be available for practice. It’s the trainer’s job to protect the player. I was trying to send a message to those players, whatever you have to do to make sure your available for practice. We had a couple guys go down to heat. We are not changing, because I believe in what we kinda scheduled out for this fall camp. I believe this is what we need to be prepared to go.”

Coach Freeman video here

This is the intensity and leadership this team has needed for a very long time. Coach Freeman is not going to allow failure to be an option for this football team.

The Wrap Up

Day one was an intense, well-orchestrated practice. Coach Freeman is not going to allow anyone to have an easy camp. Coach is going to get everything that he can out of this team. He will motivate, he will tough, and he will be a listener. It has been a long time since ND Football has seen this intensity, this commitment to excellence, now it’s a matter pf getting through fall ball and getting through the regular season healthy and playing for the ultimate prize in college football.

Cheers and Go Irish! ☘️🏈🌩️

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