ND Football: Next Up, Ohio State University

It’s a wrap on the fall ball practice session. The next time the Fightin’ Irish practice it will be Week 1 prep against the Ohio State Buckeyes. There was a lot of decisions made for the 2022 season. QB One was as Tyler Buchner, and the team selected six Captains to lead the team. Avery Davis, Jarrett Patterson, Michael Mayer, Bo Bauer, Isaih Foskey and JD Bertrand. Avery Davis was named Captain regardless of his current playing status. It is a well-deserved honor for Davis. The 2022 Notre Dame football season is on the precipice of a long-anticipated season.

Coach Rees

The John and Bobbie Arlotta Family Offensive Coordinator/Quarterback Coach, Coach Rees met with the media on Saturday August 27th and talked about the Offense and the Quarterbacks. Coach was calm in demeanor and very focused on the questions being asked. You can also see in his eyes that he had lots of thoughts and ideas running through his head. Rees is happy with the offenses progress and said that the focus turns to Ohio State and prepping for what Ohio State can bring in a season opener at home.

Coach Rees met with the media on Saturday to discuss the Offense on the last day of Fall ball

I asked Coach Rees about the prepping the underclassmen for such a big game. It is a great question, because being prepared to be in such a hostile environment, can dramatically play out in situations like this. Not being mentally prepared can have an impact in which your team may not recover. His response can be seen here.

Coach Golden

The Bob Hinton Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach, Coach Golden met with the media on Saturday August 27th. He talked about the Defense and how Michael Mayer will be a handful for many defenses. Coach Golden appeared to be relieved that the Fall ball practice is over and that the team is stepping into a normal football routine.

Coach Golden met with the media to discuss the defense on the last day of Fall ball

Prepping for Michael Mayer is going to be a chore, Coach Golden told the media. It appears that there are many options for Michael, that an opposing team is going to need a crystal ball to prep for him before every game. Mayer doesn’t mind blocking against the defense and doesn’t necessarily demand the ball. Mayer always does what he is asked to do. I asked Coach Golden about the prepping the underclassmen for such a big game, and he liked the question. You can click here for his response.

The Wrap Up

There is nothing left to do. The Fightin’ Irish begin prep today for the Ohio State Buckeye match up on Saturday. Kicj-off is scheduled for 7:30 PM on Saturday on ABC. A solid practice this week and a focus on detail is what is needed now. The game be heard on Sirius XM Radio Channel 129. A link is also included for radio affiliates throughout the United States here.

Cheers and Go Irish! ☘️🏈🌩️

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